The Rocketeer Region 2 DVD

updated by Jay on September 2, 2011


Those of us fortunate enough to live in America have had to live with a sub-par DVD of The Rocketeer for more than a decade now. The biggest complaint about the region 1 (US) version of the DVD is the lack of anamorphic 16x9 formatting. But is it possible the region 2 DVD doesn't have this problem? Does the region 2 DVD have any scenes removed? Does it have the same bonus features? Only one way to find out…




The DVD case is black in contrast to the white US version. It uses the 3rd movie poster with the helmet clad Rocketeer as the focal point. It's also interesting to note the title is "Rocketeer" sans "The".










The region 2 DVD only lasts 104 minutes and 6 seconds, which is 4 minutes shorter than the region 1 version. So what scenes have been removed? The answer is none. For some reason this version is just sped up slightly. Not enough to sound like "Chipmunk Theater", but when played side by side with the region 1 version, they are nearly 7 seconds out of sync by the end of the Gee Bee crash and it just builds from there.




SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English, French, Italian

SUBTITLES: Dutch, English




Region 2 Region 1

VIDEO: Anamorphic 2.35:1 format.

AUDIO: 2.0 stereo.




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Price: $10.92


Region free DVD player: Samsung DVD-C350

Price: $47.30