The Rocketeer Region 4 DVD

updated by Jay on September 2, 2011


In the previous review we discoverded that the Region 2 DVD was in fact anamorphic widescreen. Then it was brought to my attention that Australia might have an additonal totally differnt transfer. Was this version also anamorphic? Was it the same laser disc transfer used to create the other DVD's, or was it possibly a better one? Could it have any of the rumored extras? The good thing about having a region free DVD player is that it can play R4 DVD's as well.

Unfortunately, Australian customs doesn't like to let items of any sort leave or for that matter enter their country. However, with a little effort I was able to obtain a "region 4" copy of The Rocketeer, or just "Rocketeer" as it's seemed to be called everywhere else.



This version of the DVD comes packaged in a clear case.The cover features the same movie poster as the R2 DVD, witht the addition of the PG rating predominately displayed i n the corner. The title of the film is also listed as "Rocketeer", again minus the "The". The inside of the package looks great, with double printing on the slip case to show a larger graphic of the Rocketeer and a chapter list. The DVD itself is also the first of the version to feature a color graphic.









The region 4 DVD only lasts 104 minutes and 6 seconds, which is 4 minutes shorter than the region 1 version. So what scenes have been removed? The answer is none. For some reason this version is just sped up slightly. Not enough to sound like "Chipmunk Theater", but when played side by side with the region 1 version, they are nearly 7 seconds out of sync by the end of the Gee Bee crash and it just builds from there.




SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English, French, Italian

SUBTITLES: Dutch, English




Region 4 Region 1

VIDEO: Anamorphic 2.35:1 format.

AUDIO: 2.0 stereo.




Purchase location: ebay

Price: $20.35


Region free DVD player: Samsung DVD-C350

Price: $47.30