The Rocketeer Broadcast in HD

updated by Jay on September 2, 2011


While the Rocketeer Blu-ray has now been announced, it is still several months out. However, SyFy has been showing the Rocketeer on their HD channel. And not only is it an actual HD transfer, it also contains at least one cleaned up special effect.

Sorry for the quality of the screen shots, they are from the composite video feed as I'm still working on a way to capture HD signals on my computer.





The most obvious special effect was the removal of the wire towing the crashing Gee Bee down the runway.



The movie has been cropped to fill a 16x9 tv and the SyFy watermark remains in the lower coner the entire film. As far as the resolution, my guess is that it's 720p. With cable you never know for sure.

So how did this version come to be? My guess is a project to release The Rocketeer on Blu-Ray or even special edition DVD was started and never finished. I'm fairly certain they didn't clean it up just to be show on SyFy a few times a year.



The broadcast version lasts 150 minutes, which includes the time for commercials, but no scenes have been removed. If you're really lucky you might even see an add for Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.



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