The Rocketeer Laser Disc

posted by Jay on September 2, 2011


Much like video phones and flying cars, laser discs were the promise of the future that was delivered but never fully realized by most of America. That's not so say they weren't available, they were just priced out of most peoples reach. They teetered on the edge of greatness for 20 years before the DVD wiped them from the Earth. I'm a little surprised The Rocketeer made it to laser disc. It was far froma popular title for Disney, particularly in the 90's. However it did and thanks to the majesty of ebay you can pick one up today for pennies...although they will probably cost more to ship than purchase.

This particular disc was a rental at one point, and still bears the sticker on the case. The thought of somebody walking out of a Blockbuster Video with one of these under their arm makes me laugh every time. At least you wouldn't have to worry about any rewind fees.



The slipcase features all the same artwork and text from the VHS box, essentially repositioned to fit in a square. By this point we should have figured out that all versions of The Rocketeer released from now untill Armageddon would be saddeled with this lame poster. The back cover does feature a chapter list, which was one of the major selling points for the laser disc format.



Just a minute, I have to flip the disc over



The disc has a run time of 110 minutes, not counting the 3 minute trailer.

Side 1: 54 Minutes 58 Seconds

Side 2: 54 Minutes 58 Seconds



VIDEO: The laser disc is wide screen letter boxed in the 2.35:1 format (non-anamorphic, of course).

AUDIO: 2.0 stereo.



The laser disc contains the trailer as a post credit Chapter 16. The same trailer that shows the 2 major scenes from the films climax.



Laser disc: ebay

Price: $.99


Laser disc player: Pioneer CLD-S104 (sans remote control)

Price: $4.99

Shipping: $25.00