The Rocketeer VHS

posted by Jay on September 2, 2011

A little know or remebered fact about The Rocketeer VHS is it was first released as a rental only, at a cost of over $100 per tape. After the movie had been out for a few months the video store would sell most of their previously viewed copies at a discounted price, which is how I came to own this copy a year before it was released for home purchace. Ironically, now the opposite takes place. Movie studios today pay rental services like Netflix not to release the titles untill months after they have been for sale to the general public.



The VHS boxfeatures the 2nd movie poster which showcases the cast more than anything else. The back cover features several quotes from critics of the time, and in this instance residue from the rental store sticker.





The tape has a run time of 109 minutes.




VIDEO: The VHS is full screen in standard 4:3 pan & scan format.

AUDIO: 2.0 stereo.




Previews you were forced to sit through any time you wanted to watch The Rocketeer included "The Doctor", "Paradise" and the creepy "Deceived.




VHS tape: ebay

Price: $0.15


VCR: Samsung VR 8705