20th Anniversary Screening

posted by Jay on August 23, 2011

On June 21st D23 held a 20th anniversary screening of The Rocketeer in Hollywood, California. The screening was followed by a panel discussion of the cast & crew as well as an exhibit of some props from the movie next door at the Hollywood museum. Below you will find several forms of media from the event, followed by my thoughts.



The Rocketeer Discussion Panel MP3

Editted family friendly version


Photo Gallery

Rocket Pack



Rocket Pack


Podcasts discussing the event

The Josh & Croz Show

A great Podcast hosted by two Imagineers as well as Rocketeer fans who attended the event and offer their thoughts.

The BIGFANBOY Livecast

An interesting Podcast recorded off Talk Shoe about the screening as well as some insights into Dave Stevens and the production of The Rocketeer.


Video of the discussion panel guests


The night has already been covered in depth on several other sites, but here are a few of my thoughts.

Even though I was the second person in line, when I was ushered to my seat to find a group of of people already seated in them. As it turns out it was Dave Stevens family, and the reason they had chosen those was because they were the best seats in the house.

Thomas Jane was there wearing.... lets just say an "interesting" set of pants and boots. After going back and reading his forward to the "The Rocketeer Deluxe Complete Adventures" realized that it was part of A Rocketeer outfit he put together in the 80's before he came to Hollywood.

The Movie itself looked great. I've heard it mentioned that some of the visual effects may have been cleaned up, particularly the cable towing the Gee Bee across the runway.However, if you ever see the HD broadcast on SYFY you will see the cable has been removed in that version as well.

It was amuzing to see Kevin Smith arrive at the front entrance via Escalde promptly at 7:25 for the 7:30 start time. Perhaps he was given a heads up on the late start.